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Our friendly staff is ready to assist you immediately by providing you worry-free currency exchange. We are happy to serve locals, tourists, visitors, corporations, travel agents, hotels and financial institutions.

  • Offers competitive rates: our exchange rates are
    competitive with or better than local banks and much
    better than airport exchange rates.


  • Helps you save money: avoid credit card surcharges and ATM fees as well as high fees and inflated exchange rates at airports, hotels and foreign banks.

  • Helps you avoid unexpected surprises: Banks sometimes stop your card if they suddenly notice transactions in a foreign country and small local shops either do not accept credit cards or add a surcharge for credit card purchases.  In addition, Europe has implemented a Chip & Pin system for credit cards so your US based magnetic strip cards may not be accepted at some establishments, particularly at automated payment places.

  • Helps you avoid hassles: avoid long lines at airport exchange kiosks after a long overnight flight, finding an ATM that accepts your debit card network or finding a place to cash travelers checks.

  • Offers peace of mind: arrive prepared to enjoy your vacation by having local currency immediately available for transportation, snacks, meals, and tips.

Foreign Currency Express:

Foreign Currency Express Services:

As your specialist in foreign money exchange/casa de cambio, we buy and sell over 70 currencies and have immediate availability of major currencies; Euros, British Pounds, Canada Dollars, Mexico Pesos, Swiss Francs, Japan Yen, China Yuan, Israeli Sheqalims, Iraqi Dinars, at competitive exchange rates and service fees. 

  • Immediate availability of major Foreign Currencies 

  • Same or next day delivery of minor Foreign Currencies

  • Exchange any Foreign Currency currently in circulation into US Dollars

  • No minimums or maximum amount requirements

Compliance and Good Business Practice

At Foreign Currency Express compliance is a key component of our business practice. We have policies and procedures customized for our currency exchange business and we are committed to complying with the legal and regulatory requirements of a Money Services Business in the State of Florida. For more information please visit

We strive to maintain the highest standards of integrity within our community and our industry. The prevention of criminal activities including money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud and other crimes remains at the forefront of our business. Foreign Currency Express's compliance program uses advanced technology and a thorough review process in order to ensure consistent accountability. Foreign Currency Express has an experienced compliance team that ensures all FCE employees are routinely trained and tested on the latest enhanced compliance concepts. Both internal and external sources are regularly reviewed to ensure our compliance program upholds our high standards. Foreign Currency Express is a Money Service Business, registered under FINCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, US Department of the Treasury) as well as the Florida Office of Financial Regulation. For more complete information on the FINCEN compliance guidelines visit the FINCEN website:

Under the law we are obligated to implement a compliance program, keep certain records, ascertain client identification, and report certain transactions (including suspicious transactions) to FINCEN. We are licensed for all activities involving checks and foreign exchange. Additionally, FCE furthers our commitment to flawless operating principles by utilizing an independent external consultant to review our practices. We are also committed to the confidentiality of our clients' information. All documentation is securely filed and we do not share or sell personal information.

Customer Privacy Policy

Foreign Currency Express’ Customer Privacy Policy applies to all personally identifiable financial information that is obtained by FCE in connection with providing a consumer financial product or service. 


Information security is one of FCE’s highest priorities.  This is emphasized in our Privacy Policy, our internal employee Code of Conduct and the contracts and agreements that we sign with external suppliers and partners.  Employees who violate our policies and procedures regarding privacy are subject to disciplinary action, and our partners and suppliers are bound to uphold our procedures regarding privacy under the terms of our legal agreements with them. 


FCE limits access to the personal information to those employees who need to know that information to provide products and services to you and to ensure regulatory compliance.  FCE may also share personal information provided to us with companies or other outside organizations as required by or permitted by law.  For example, FCE may share personal information to protect against fraud or respond to a subpoena. 


FCE may also work with outside companies or organization to provide services.  Consequently, we may disclose any of the information we have collected to other financial institutions with whom we have agreements as well as companies that perform services for us.

Call us anytime at any of our above locations • Email us at


Going overseas? Buy your currency today from us! • Visiting Florida? Sell your currency today to us! Offering competitive exchange rates and immediate service!

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